• How Bretton Woods affected the fate of currencies?

    23 Jan 2019 04:40 PM |

    At first we have to recognize that the Bretton Woods Agreement is the historical system for managing cash and exchange rates

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  • Development stages of money

    22 Jan 2019 04:34 PM |

    The banknotes went through stages in which gradual progress was made according to the nature

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  • The difference between budget and balance sheet

    21 Jan 2019 04:10 PM |

    Many of us fall in common mistake of not distinguishing the difference between budget and balance sheet

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  • The barter system and reason for the appearance of money

    18 Jan 2019 04:20 PM |

    Barter is the process of trading goods or services between two or more parties without using money

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  • Budget surplus and the reasons for its appearance

    17 Jan 2019 03:39 PM |

    Budget surplus is the period in which income or income exceeds public expenditure

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  • Fiscal deficits and how governments can reduce it

    16 Jan 2019 04:23 PM |

    The fiscal deficit or the budget deficit is defined as a deficit in money when government expenditure exceeds revenue

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  • Indirect taxes between advantages and disadvantages

    15 Jan 2019 05:12 PM |

    Indirect tax is a type of tax, which is collected for the benefit of the government through an intermediary.

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  • كيف يمكنك التخلص من احساس الشعور بالخوف عند التداول في الأسواق المالية؟

    14 Nov 2018 04:31 PM |

    هل  تشعر بالقلق من التداول بسبب الخوف من خسارة أرباحك في الأسواق المالية؟ فإحساس الشعور بالخوف من أكبر العقبات التي تقف أمام الربح في الأسواق المالية

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