Shielding you from risks every step of the way


High degree of transparency in pricing.


Your money is kept in a segregated account


You are covered by insurance up to $1,000,000

Our “Client Funds Insurance” protects your capital with up to $1,000,000

In addition to Equiti’s standard client protection features, eligible clients of Equiti can now benefit from our “Client Funds Insurance” that grants individual coverage of up to USD1,000,000 per client. 


Overview of “Client Funds Insurance”

Equiti has added this insurance protection to cover losses, which may result from a liquidation event, of more than USD25,000 and up to USD1,000,000 per client.  Should such an event meet the terms of the policy, the insurance shall counter the event with the appropriate coverage.


What do clients pay?

Nothing. This insurance policy is an additional security feature offered by Equiti to its clients at no direct cost to the clients at all.


Who is covered?

This insurance policy covers individual clients who have funds of USD25,000 or more. The extent of coverage under this policy is limited to USD1,000,000 per individual client.


World-class coverage

Equiti’s “Client Funds Insurance” policy is issued by a leading international insurance company


What is covered?

Due to the high-risk nature of leveraged products, the performance/guarantee of investment will not be covered. Otherwise, the cash and securities of eligible Equiti clients are covered under this policy.


When does it apply?

In the case of insolvency and there is a shortage of funds in the clients’ segregated accounts. When the liquidator/administrator is appointed, the insurance company will pay the balance funds equal to the sum missing in the segregated account at the time when the insolvency event occurred.