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Equiti exclusive market research

Equiti Exclusive market research hub provides complete Technical Analysis reports with comments, including strategy and actionable price levels. You will discover more trading opportunities and better manage risks. Take advantage of an independent opinion that is free from any conflict of interest. Register for a live account to have full access to unique and powerful market analysis platforms.

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Trading Central

The world’s most popular technical analysis

TRADING CENTRAL’s flagship technical analysis research platform is the most comprehensive tool in the market providing technical research, opinions, trend forecast and strategies on thousands of global instruments.

Trading Central Indicator

Program and fill in orders based on TRADING CENTRAL levels

TC INDICATOR is an easy-to-install customizable indicator designed to help traders make profitable decisions. TC Indicator allows users to see TRADING CENTRAL's strategies directly on MT4 live charts and to fill in orders based on TRADING CENTRAL levels.

Daily market update


Stay up to date with market information, technical analysis, and products technical levels. The TC newsletter covers a vast array of market products in daily basis.

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