Davis: Britain seeks equivalence with EU laws and not harmonization

24 Jan 2018 01:26 PM

David Davis, Brexit minister, said his country was not seeking to harmonize its laws with the European Union after leaving,

"there is no doubt that there is a driving force among the countries of the continent and the Commission is trying to prevent regulatory freedom to access markets," Davis told a parliamentary committee.

"Britain's strategy to deal with this is to seek the achievement of outcome equivalence in some areas, but not harmonization, otherwise the situation will remain as it is."

The following are the highlights of his statements before the parliamentary committee:

  • 2 years for transition agreement looks about right.
  • Getting out of trade agreements with the EU opens the door to Britain and does not constitute a ceiling for what can be achieved post-Brexit.
  • We will not adopt every part of the Canada-EU Trade Agreement because that will not be enough for the UK.
  • During the transition period we will be able to negotiate trade agreements with other countries.
  • The EU wants a shorter transition period.
  • During the transitional period, the United Kingdom will remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.
  • I do not see the UK to pay for EU’s single market.

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