Oil Crash and Seizing the
Opportunity to Trade in Energy Markets

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Free Webinar: Seize the Opportunity to Trade in Energy Markets and Find out the Real Reasons Behind the Oil Crash - Pakistan

Thu, 28 May 2020
13:00 Duration: 90 mins

Speaker: Arslan Ali

About the webinar

The collapse and volatility in oil prices is an opportunity to trade in energy markets. Learn about trading strategies appropriate to these market conditions and how to take advantage of future expectations.

Oil prices have recently witnessed violent historical fluctuations that have not been seen before. Physical holders have been forced to pay buyers to get rid of excess stock, while many have found it nearly impossible to find willing buyers. This has caused massive price movements, with oil prices reaching negative levels for the first time in history.

Find out with us the reasons behind the crash, where prices will go in the coming months, and how to take advantage of these movements.

What you will learn
  • Main reasons for the collapse and the future of oil prices.
  • Explore techniques to exploit large price movements.
  • Learn trading strategies tailored for these exceptional circumstances.
  • How to take advantage of oil price movements.
  • How to manage investment risks in light of market turmoil.

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Get to Know Our Speaker

Arslan Ali

Derivatives Market Analyst


Arslan Ali is a Live Webinar Speaker & Derivatives (Forex, Commodities, and Indices) Analyst with a range of skills for evaluating financial data, investment trends, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and the best ways to strategies investment selection. He holds an MBA in Behavioral Finance and is working towards his Ph.D. Expertise: Trading Psychology, Speculative Positioning & Market Sentiment, Technical & Fundamental Analysis.