Exclusive webinar: How to trade over Brexit
Learn how to spot trading opportunities
as the UK exits the EU

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Exclusive Webinar : How to trade over Brexit

Mon, 30 Nov 2020
14:00 Duration: 60 minutes

Speaker: Raed AlKhedr

About the webinar

Only a few weeks remain before the UK’s formal departure from the EU.

Will Britain get a trade agreement or will it crash out with NO DEAL?

More importantly, how can you build a trading strategy to take advantage of this divorce?

What you will learn

  • Why Brexit is important to traders?
  • Key issues and their effect on the markets.
  • GBP, FTSE and other products to watch during Brexit.
  • Potential post-Brexit scenarios for the main currency pairs.
  • How to develop trading strategies for the transitional and post-separation periods.

What we will cover

  • The story of the UK’s departure from the EU from the beginning until today.
  • The outstanding issues between the UK and EU that could obstruct a deal.
  • How the markets could respond to a deal – or to a no-deal outcome.
  • The post-Brexit EU, and potential UK trade deals with the wider world.

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Get to Know Our Speaker

Raed AlKhedr

Regional Head of Market Research and Analysis at Equiti Group


Financial Analyst and Certified Trainer in the Global Financial Markets. Raed is distinguished by more than 10 years of experience in financial and economic analysis and research domain, during which he presented many reports, studies, written and visual researches, webinars, seminars and workshops in the Middle East. Raed uses a distinct way in analysis that combines technical analysis with price behaviour in addition to fundamental analysis and studying the effects of economic variables on global markets. His analytical style attracted many TV channels and news agencies to host him regularly.