Equiti adds additional “green” energy stocks to its product offering on Earth Day

22 Apr 2021

22 April 2021 - Equiti has added another batch of “green” stocks to its product offering on Earth Day, themed “Restore the Earth” in 2021.

The company said there is an increasing demand from traders for environmentally sustainable stocks, commonly referred to as “green” or “clean energy” stocks, and for good reason. These include iFirst Solar, Solar Edge, SunPower, Enphase Energy, and electrical vehicles such as Tesla, Nikola and NIO. The coronavirus pandemic put the brakes on the transport sector, significantly reducing carbon emissions while electric vehicle sales surged by 28%. Although solar projects have yet to reap the efficiency gains, continued cost reductions will make solar competitive in most power markets by 2030, therefore “clean energy” stocks have also become increasing popular, and a good trading opportunity.

Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO, said: “Equiti Group is committed to ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices and supportive, not only of meeting demands for these financial instruments, but also continually looking at ways of practically increasing our support. We are very pleased that our global product and risk teams have been able to swiftly add more “green” and “clean” stocks to Equiti’s ever-growing offering. Our product team is also looking to introduce our own innovative ESG offering.”

Equiti Group recently launched a global ESG committee mandated to drive internal and external initiatives to deliver real results.

On Earth Day, celebrated globally on 22 April 2021, Equiti reinforced its commitment to ESG practices by donating to Earthday.org, the world’s largest environmental cause to support the growth of hundreds of trees in developing communities in Africa and Latin America. Trees not only cool the atmosphere, but help restore the earth by cleaning the air and producing additional oxygen, among many other benefits. Earth Day is a unique opportunity to create a catalytic moment that will advance real solutions and protect the environment for ourselves and future generations.

Another environmental initiative by the company has been reducing plastic. Equiti’s offices across the world have reduced the use of plastic water bottles and instead provided centrally located water dispensers for their employees.

“If every company took small steps to support environmental initiatives, collectively we could make a big difference, and together, we can restore the earth,” added Najjar.