Acuity Partners With Multi Award Winning Global Broker Equiti

Acuity Partners With Multi Award Winning Global Broker Equiti

6 Apr 2021

6 April 2021 - Equiti Group, a world class provider of online trading technology and Multi-asset financial products has signed a three-way partnership with financial technology company Acuity Trading and leading news provider Dow Jones Newswires. 

This enterprising alignment will enable Equiti’s clients across the world to harness the combined power of market moving news from Dow Jones Newswires and Acuity’s AI news analytics technology to help strengthen their trading strategies. 

With these new tools Equiti’s traders now have access to a wealth of unique market insights and trading opportunities that only this powerful combination provides. Intuitive visualisations help cut through the noise, highlighting emerging market trends before market movement and AI data-driven signals to spot opportunities more easily. The combined offering will deliver global and local market coverage in an alternative, more engaging trading experience.

“Equiti is paving the way in the online trading sector through its approach to embracing new technical processes and technology. Our clients are increasingly incorporating non-traditional data in their investment and business strategy decisions. We’re committed to helping them extract high-value insights from those datasets faster, through innovative technologies and sophisticated models like those developed by Acuity,” says Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO.

“Equiti strives to set new standards for the industry on a global scale. The company works to establish new partnerships in new markets and demonstrates their ability and commitment to providing traders and brokers across the world with access to market-leading products. Our visions for the future of financial technology are aligned and we look forward to collaborating both in terms of innovation and growing our services to offer world-class trading tools and technologies,” says Andrew Lane, CEO of Acuity.