Monetary policy

  • Highlights of BOJ Monetary policy meeting minutes

    26 Sep 2017 09:35 AM |

    Following are the highlights of the BOJ meeting held on July 19 and 20:

    • Many members agreed that inflation expectations were no longer falling.
    • Companies gradually moved towards raising wages.

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  • Evans: We shouldn't raise interest rates before ensuring the sustainability of inflation growth

    26 Sep 2017 09:02 AM |

    US Federal Reserve member Charles Evans made many statements, the most prominent of which were:

    • The Fed needs to see clear signs of rising inflation before raising rates again.
    • It is appropriate for the FED to follow the policy of caution and gradually hike.

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  • Lowe: Expansion policy is coming to an end around the world

    21 Sep 2017 10:32 AM |

    Philip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, made the following statement:

    • High interest rates abroad have no automatic effects on Australia.
    • The Aussie's Flexibility gives the Australian Reserve Bank considerable independence on the timing of domestic policy.

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  • Hansson: Tightening monetary policy should be carried out gradually

    18 Sep 2017 03:26 PM |

    The comments of Ardo Hansson, Governor of the Central Bank of Estonia and member of the Board of Governors of the ECB as follows:

    • The ECB's next step should be a large-scale recalibration of the monetary stimulus program rather than a change in the duration or volume of quantitative easing.

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  • Lautenschlaeger: It's time to take a decision on tapering

    15 Sep 2017 02:01 PM |

    Sabin Lautenschlaeger, member of the ECB's executive office, made the following statement:

    • Monetary policy will return to its natural state without a doubt.

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  • Member of the ECB: The decision of tapering has been delayed but is inevitable

    14 Sep 2017 12:41 PM |

    Jazbec, governor of the Central Bank of Slovenia and member of the Board of Governors of ECB, made the following statement:

    • The decision to tapering has been delayed but will be implemented.

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  • Coeure : Monetary policy will remain accommodative for a long time

    11 Sep 2017 11:28 AM |

    Benoit Coeure, member of the Executive board of the ECB, said:

    • Monetary policy will remain accommodative for a longer period.
    • The confidence and stimulus in monetary policy will probably be at least partially

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  • Weekly Wrap Up (17 – 21 July )

    21 Jul 2017 06:50 PM |

    This week witnessed several important economic data and events that had a significant impact on market movements. The following are the highlights of these movements and their reasons:

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