• Daily Wrap Up 21 September 2022

    21 Sep 2022 05:26 PM |

    All eyes are on the Fed and the central bank is expected to hike interest rates by 0.75%.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 20 September 2022

    20 Sep 2022 05:01 PM |

    Traders are in risk off mode as central banks are in focus this week. The Swedish central bank lifted rates by 100% rates today, and the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England are expected to deliver large rate hikes tomorrow and on Thursday, respectively.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 16 September 2022

    16 Sep 2022 05:19 PM |

    Gold traded at its lowest mark in two years as pressure mounted on the yellow metal.

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  • The week ahead: BoE, Fed, and PMI reports

    16 Sep 2022 12:46 PM |

    The markets saw an increase in volatility towards the end of last week as bond yields ticked up, and that indicated the markets are factoring in more large rate hikes from central banks.

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  • Gold is trapped between a rock and hard place

    15 Sep 2022 12:10 PM |

    Gold is arguably the oldest interment tool in the world, and with that it has a long track record of being a safe haven asset, whereby if uncertainty descends upon the markets, funds are ploughed into the metal.

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  • US banks slide despite rate hikes from the Fed

    14 Sep 2022 05:47 PM |

    The US banking sector has been losing ground in 2022 even though the Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates four times since March.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 13 September 2022

    13 Sep 2022 04:59 PM |

    Stock markets were rocked by the stronger-than-expected US CPI reading, the headline number was 8.3%, but economists were expecting 8.1%.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 12 September 2022

    12 Sep 2022 05:03 PM |

    Traders are in risk-on mood once again as stocks, metals and oil are rallying. Tomorrow, the US CPI data will be posted, and economists are expecting a reading of 8.1%, which would be a fall from the 8.5% posted in July.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 09 September 2022

    9 Sep 2022 04:12 PM |

    Traders are in risk-on mood even though yesterday there was a rate hike from the ECB and hawkish commentary from Jerome Powell.

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