Daily Wrap Up – 27 June

27 Jun 2017 02:02 PM

The second day of the ECB's Central Bank Forum, which is being held this year on investment and growth in developed economies, kicked off today. Russia's largest oil producer, Rosneft, reported that its servers had been attacked, causing the company's computers to be disrupted.

In Japan, experts gave three reasons why wages may rise this year: productivity improvements, part-time shifts to full-time jobs, and the third reason wages may rise is that baby boomers are retiring from the workforce.
Mario Draghi, governor of the ECB, said that there are signs of a recovery in the euro-zone economy, and monetary policy may be changed and the course will move gradually, pushing the euro up against the US dollar to its highest level since August 2016 at 1.1349.

A record fine was imposed on Google by the European Commission for some legal violations and the fine was 2.4 billion euros (2.7 billion $) and Google said it would challenge the decision.

The BOE said it was worried about some risk increases through the Financial Stability Report, which indicated that it would raise its cyclical capital reserve to 0.5%, along with an additional  11.4 billion £ for capital, which would increase flexibility and reduce short-term lending , As a result of which the pound rose significantly to reach its highest against the US dollar since June 12 at 1.2860.

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