Shinzo Abe will call for snap elections soon

18 Sep 2017 11:31 AM

Some reports out with that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will dissolve the Lower house and call snap elections next month and Abe will make his final decision on Friday, it is likely to be on October 22.

Shinzo Abe briefed Natsu Yamaguchi, leader of his coalition partner Komeito and others on plans to call snap elections. He met with Rio Shionoya, campaign strategy chief of the ruling Liberal Party, for about an hour at his private home on Sunday night and told him he would make his final decision on the timing of the election after returning from the United States on Friday.

The parliament is likely to be dissolved immediately after it convened on September 28, and elections may be held on October 22 and could be on October 17 or 29 as possible dates.

A call for elections before its date at the end of 2018 would allow Abe to get rid of the opposition, especially with the disintegration of the ruling party's main opposition Democratic Party after a number of deputies have resigned since a new party leader was voted earlier this month.

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