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  • The Reasons for the Rise in US Dollar

    9 Mar 2021 01:03 PM |

    The dollar index, which measures the currency's value against six major currencies

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  • Weekly trades summary

    5 Mar 2021 03:30 PM |

    Global markets saw many developments during the week that caused a decline in gold, a rise in bond yields, and a rise in oil.

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  • Market sentiment pushes US dollar to its lowest level in three years

    25 Feb 2021 02:14 PM |

    As risk appetite continues to improve, the US dollar is stabilizing near its lowest level in three years

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  • Rising US bond yields send the Nasdaq to its lowest level in nearly a month

    24 Feb 2021 02:31 PM |

    The sell-off on the Nasdaq technology index eased during trading today, to recover

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  • Oil boosts its gains and the yellow metal trying to fly again

    8 Feb 2021 11:52 AM |

    Oil continued its awakening, which it started since last November, recording its highest levels in more than

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  • Morning Report: Biden wins the Electoral College vote

    15 Dec 2020 11:11 AM |

    Members of the US Electoral College cast their votes on Monday with the majority of the votes going in favor of Joe Biden, securing his victory over President Trump.

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  • Morning Report: Brexit new deadline missed

    14 Dec 2020 10:59 AM |

    The European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to continue negotiations for the trade deal beyond the last deadline on Sunday. A call between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European

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  • Gold rises as US dollar fall; DAX weighed by ongoing German restrictions

    26 Nov 2020 02:48 PM |

    Oil prices are rising during trading for the fifth consecutive day today

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