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  • Today’s unemployment figures probably contained two interesting pieces of information.

    15 Feb 2022 12:45 PM |

    By Stuart Cole, Head Macro Economist, Equiti Capital

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  • Future of the Euro

    15 Feb 2022 10:50 AM |

    Editorial by Stuart Cole, head macro economist at Equiti Capital

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  • The dollar's performance varied ahead of US inflation data

    7 Feb 2022 04:10 PM |

    The dollar's performance varied at the beginning of the week against the major currencies in the markets after the release of US jobs data.

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  • Facebook share price faced its worst-ever crash after a disappointing quarterly earnings report

    4 Feb 2022 01:21 PM |

    Facebook's owner Meta Platforms, saw its stock market value plummet by more than $230 billion (£169 billion) on Thursday, in a record daily loss for the US company.

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  • US Non-Farm Payroll Scenarios 04-02-2022

    4 Feb 2022 12:57 PM |

    Today, the financial markets are eyeing the Non-farm payroll report issued from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in the wake of the Fed’s intention to tighten its monetary policy. The Fed will likely hike its rate for the first time since late 2018, next March when it ends the massive asset purchase program of $120 billion a month.

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  • Could the EU be facing another sovereign bond crisis?

    4 Feb 2022 10:32 AM |

    - Unlike the Federal Reserve (Fed) and Bank of England (BoE), the European Central Bank (ECB) policy remains in ‘support’ mode
    - But with CPI at 5%, tensions are growing that an accommodative monetary policy is no longer required
    - The reality is the ECB is also working to avoid another blow-out in sovereign bond yields

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  • Higher global energy prices and the impact on stock markets

    26 Oct 2021 03:30 PM |

    The global economy is currently facing a real crisis with rising energy costs, which threatens the global economic recovery, and the strange thing is that the rise in oil,

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  • The most important economic data awaited during the week

    27 Sep 2021 11:15 AM |

    Investors are interested in announcing important economic data that affects the movements of the financial markets, especially

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