• Currencies under the spotlight amid trade woes

    5 sep. 2018 11:56 |

    While the outlook is brighter for the US dollar, it is less rosy for the British pound

  • Dollar's strength comes from unexpected quarters

    15 ago. 2018 05:11 |

    The US dollar is proving a stable plank in an increasingly volatile currency environment. 

  • Currency majors flounder as US equities break higher

    18 jul. 2018 03:55 |

    While many of leading currencies maintained their ranges, US markets entered a strong buying phase

  • Trade war effects will only take shape in August

    5 jul. 2018 01:25 |

    Markets analyst Gaurav Kashyap says investors should not expect any surprises from the US data docket this month

  • US-Iran Nuclear Deal: Impact of American withdrawal on Iranian economy

    16 may. 2018 04:45 |

    Gaurav Kashyap, market strategist at Equiti, gives an interview to China Global Television Network (CGTN) on how the markets around the world have reacted to the decision of the US to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

  • US dollar takes centre stage in the financial universe

    10 may. 2018 11:33 |

    The greenback's recent rally has seen it achieve five-month highs

  • US dollar strengthens as geopolitical risks ease

    24 abr. 2018 12:13 |

    With the markets poised for more volatility, the greenback could take off even more

  • Optimism returns to the markets but volatility is far from over

    11 abr. 2018 10:33 |

    Global equities will remain fragile as they continue to be driven by Trump's policies on trade

  • US Dollar Weighed Down by Trade and Interest Rate Policies

    29 mar. 2018 05:28 |

    Despite a rosy economic picture in the US, the dollar is still under strain